Goji Berry Yield Per Plant

guaranteed to do what? It is live root stock. It will grow. It’s a dormant root. If you have a problem with your order we accept returns within 72 hours only. We can help you grow it but we have no way to make sure you care for it. I’m sorry. Regina I know you just got yours and planted. Mine outside are starting to get leaves so yours should start very soon. Dear sir/madamI am thinking of culturing the Certified organic Goji Berry in an area here in Greece where the lowest temperature during the winter is about zero degrees of Calcium. It is snowing every winter.Before I make an order of the mentioned plan, Could you tell me please if I can grow up in my area the Goji Berry plant in order to take fruits? Is the Goji Berry the appropriate plant?In case you are not responsible to reply please carry forward to the appropriate person.Thank you in advanceMy Best WishesC.L. We can’t ship outside the USA. So very sorry. If you have a friend who is in the USA who will order, take delivery and go through the proper inspection channels that would be the best way. Goji will easily survive winters and below zero. They go dormant and fruit during the summer. You should have no problem. Hi, I purchased a 2 year goji root stock, set it in a cup of water for 24 hours as directed. Planted it in a 5 gallon container on 4/13/2012, kept soil moist and have it by a sunny window. It hasn’t done a thing:-( Is the the plant dead?Thank you for addressing my concern,Kevin. Hi there! I answer this in email but will also answer here for the benefit of others. It can take 3-5 weeks for the first leaves to appear. Normally, during the summer it happens within a few weeks but sometimes can take longer. You need to keep it moist. This is important. You can try cutting the end out of a 2 liter soda bottle, take the cap off- very important, place over your root and this will create a greenhouse effect. You should not leave it like this for long. just long enough for the first leaves to appear then be sure to take it off. I live in ontario and have ordered a few plants. I have just read that you cannot ship outside the US. Does that include Candada? if so how do I get a refund?. I did not see an order to you and our cart will not even allow an address outside the US so no worries. When is the best time to plant the root stock? Is there any problem with planting in the fall after the first frost?. You can plant it any time. Obviously you might not want to plant in the dead of winter but many plant in the fall. If you plant late summer it will get leaves but may not flower. It really all depends on your area and temps. Some people plant in a 5 gallon container in winter with a plant light and let it start to build root mass then plant in the spring. It’s super easy to grow no matter when you plant it. I got a goji berry plant growing quite well, but just in these last few days something has eaten 20+ of its leaves. Starting from just below the growing tip of each branch till about mid way, it looks as if something just clipped the leaves right off. I’ve searched the plant thoroughly for any kind of caterpillar or insect but haven’t found anything. If the damage was toward the base of the plant, I’d blame the many rabbits in the area, but the damage is much to high for them to reach. I also don’t think its slugs because it looks like I’ve lost leaves during the goji berry yield per plant hot sunny days. Do you know of any pests that cause something like this?. Its hard to say since every area is prone to different pest. I have not had any trouble but I also use an organic spray that nothing really like to eat. But it sounds like a beetle to me. Do you have japenese beetles in that area?. I haven’t seen Japanese Beetles yet and usually they aren’t too much of a problem. I have seen a few Colorado Potato Beetles around eating my eggplants and potatoes, but they’re so slow moving I know I’d catch one in the act. I tried spraying the plant with a garlic extract, but can’t say it’s helping as of yet. What kind of spray do you use?. I like neem. But any oil based spray make sure you mix it right according to the instructions. Also spray early morning or late after sun down. I also use Diatomaceous earth. Over time it really helps keep pest under control. Well, I tried the garlic and sprinkling of diatomaceous earth around the base of the plant and still lost leaves when I inspected it this morning. I got some neem that I sprayed this morning, and hopefully that it will deter whatever pest is eating the plant. Hello. I live in mid TN and am very interested in purchasing some goji plants. I have a couple of questions though. First, if I order some this week, and get them in July (since your June shipment has already went out) and immediately plant them, will they produce any fruit this year? Also, do you recommend planting the roots directly outside first or starting them inside in a container? And one last question-is there a one stop source you could recommend for a how-to on taking care of/planting goji plants? Thanks for your help. If you order now it will ship in July. We have no set time. It depends on many factors but normally the first two weeks of the month. So in June we were also able to ship out many June orders as well. We are having a lot of heat so that could play a factor only because we pack them outside. It hard to say if they will produce fruit this year. It depends on your area. Its late in the season but if you live south they could. You can plant them any time and even if you plant this summer they have a wonderful growth start, will go dormant in winter and really come back strong next spring. In fact I think this is the best time to plant but its very important to keep them moist and watered daily until they are stable and producing leaves.I grow mine right in the ground but you may want to soak in water a few days, plant in a non-peat soil and let it get more roots. i have a goji berry plant which is two years old….the first year i got one berry off it (very impressed) and this year it has about 30 purple flowers but no fruit yet! the problem i have is that i need to move my plant….can you tell me the best time to do this please without causing my plant any harm it is about three feet tall and has runners about four feet long!! it seems to be thriving and i dont want to damage it!! thanks. This is why mature root cuttings are better. Two year plants should have lots of berries.Best time to move is fall before frost or extreme cold. tags and attributes: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>.